This competition aims to provide a platform for the youth to showcase their creativity and innovation in their business idea. Besides, this platform also aims to develop the youth’s idea into reality through guidance and mentorship provided throughout this programme.


The objectives of this event are outlined as below:

  1. Foster and mentoring youth to the path of entrepreneurship;
  2. Inspire young entrepreneurs to be more competitive and dynamic with today’s innovation and technology while speaking in front of crowd;         
  3. Provide a platform for youth to interact and share and develop their innovative business ideas;
  4. Provide exposure opportunity to youth in gaining practical experience in entrepreneurship.


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Activity Schedule



Importance of Executive Summary

Product / Service

Business Model

4 June 2021
(10 am – 12 pm)

Situational Analysis

Marketing Tools

5 June 2021
(10 am – 12 pm)

Operation Strategy

Finance & Funding

11 June 2021 
(10 am – 12 pm)


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