Youth Volunteers


Penang Youth Development Corporation (PYDC) is glad to inform you that we are recruiting Penang State Youth Volunteers. PYDC will lead the volunteers group under the initiative of Penang State Government.
By volunteering, youths can gain a lot of skills that can be transferred into a workplace. The skills include confidence, communication, responsibility, teamwork and innovation. It will be a good addition for their Curricular Vitae (CV) as it allows them to stand out and network for more new people during their volunteering. Most importantly, youths will gain a sense of personal satisfaction gained by assisting another person which will enhance their social awareness. The purpose of Penang State Youth Volunteer program is as below:


Nurturing a team of volunteers among Penang youths who are capable in providing volunteer service to the local community

To foster a high degree of patriotic spirit among the youth as well as to build a strong relationship between the youth with the community.

Provide a dedicated platform for Penang youth to engage in volunteer activities.

Senarai Program