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Starting start-up companies is not easy. It requires a lot of business knowledge like marketing, financial, networking and many more. With this accelerator program, the start-ups that participate will be taught all the knowledge they need and given the chance to expand their network.

Dr. Gwee Sai Ling

General Manager of Penang Youth Development Corporation

Penang Youth Development Corporation believes with the support of industry players, the young entrepreneurs will be equipped with the knowledge and skills that they need to know for them to enhance entrepreneurial spirit, and secure opportunity from potential investors.

Henry Tye

Founder of Big Domain and Colla Team

Henry Tye is the founder or Big Domain, Colla Team, and Domainplus(acquired). With a total of 21 years experience in IT, Technology, Coding, Corporate, Retail, MNC (DELL Technologies), cloud solutions and business, Tye was honoured to be appointed as DISTED College Industrial Advisor in year 2020 until 2022.

Kevin Yam

Managing Partner for Vincaps Capital Sdn Bhd

Kevin is a licensed financial planner with MFPC who started his profile revolving around corporate finances and gradually carving a name in fundraising for SMEs and startups. His work includes consulting corporates and SMEs on fundraising besides being appointed as CFO and advisors for businesses. He has a sharp eye for business trends and is known to be a hands-on leader of Vincaps Capital Sdn Bhd.

Who Are We?

Penang Startup Accelerator Program is the collaboration between Penang Youth Development Corporation (PYDC), Vincaps Capital and Big Domain. We believe in enabling startups and businesses to bring their ideas or business model to the next level by providing funding, network and state of art facilities available in Penang island.

What We Do?

To prepare the readiness of a startup in terms of business, founder, market and investor. Funding has been an important factor for every startup. 90% of startups fail because of money issues.

Our Goal

To get business founders and entrepreneurs to be ready for the market and investors. Subsequently, this will increase the competitive advantage of the founder via experience. As a result, this program would assist Penang State to seek the next potential unicorn across Malaysia.

Our Method



8th July 2022
11th July 2022 – 15th July 2022
1st Engagement
18th July 2022 – 29th July 2022
Startup to work toward the goal
1st August 2022 – 5th August 2022
2nd Engagement- Feedback session
8th August 2022 – 19th August 2022
3rd Engagement
22nd August 2022 – 25th August 2022
Last preparation
26th August 2022
Final pitch deck submission
29th August 2022 – 6th September 2022
Pitching Clinic
9th September 2022
Finalist Announcement

  1. Malaysian aged 18-35 years old.
  2. A minimum of 1 person and up to maximum of 5 person in a team.
  3. Have workable business idea / existing business.

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All Malaysians between the age of 18 – 35 who own a business or an idea to run a business.

The accelerator program is open to all early-stage startups and medium stage startups all across Malaysia.

The Penang Start-Up Accelerator Program is the first accelerator program conducted under PYDC that targets 30 local high-potential startups by providing an intensive 6-months programme. Qualifiers will receive thorough training by the program to be an investor-ready company from idea validation to growth stage. Get access to fully funded local and overseas corporate field trips, pitching clinics, upskilling sessions and seize opportunities to pitch to investors and funders!

The Program is conducted virtually for workshops and a physical pitching session to investors on demo day.

Deadline for the submission of application is 12am (midnight) on 30th April 2022.

We are open to all industries and businesses.

Yes. As long as there is a member who is below 35 years old and the team members who are involved in the Demo day investor pitchings are below 35 years old.

As long as the student members could prove their validity. The registration fee will automatically be charged at student price rate of RM250.

We are open to founders who submit their ideas and businesses. The limit of applications under the same person in our system is capped at a maximum of 2 startups.

It is compulsory to have at least 1 team member to attend the sessions throughout the 8 workshops.

Yes. Please update us through email for all changes and updates after the registration.

All participants are judged through the following:

  • Founder’s profile
    Leaders will be tested on their abilities to think logically and act fast.  We are seeking founders who have the calibre and foresight to achieve multiple objectives and handle any given obstacles efficiently. It is worth noting that participants do not only need to be academically focused, but they will need to possess “street smart” capabilities in business management and decision-making.
  • Market strategy
    Products or ideas created will need to fulfill market trends and modern needs. Participants are required to conduct their own research and analyze consumer behaviour and product insights. A winning business strategy is one with comprehensive support and understanding. 
  • Corporate outlook
    Establishing an independent organization with clear values, identity and philosophy would inspire trust and confidence in others. From manufacturing to distribution, a cooperative team is crucial in piecing together a functioning product or service. Quality work is oftentimes segregated to reliable and responsible team members. 
  • Investor roles
    A comprehensive foolproof investment plan would be required to justify the allocation of funds and resources. For participants, gaining an investor’s interest and confidence might be their biggest challenge yet, but this will ultimately generate reflective opinions and constructive suggestions to further improve business pitch.

The top 3 startups will be awarded with investment opportunities of up to  RM1,000,000. 

*terms and conditions applies*

Yes. We welcome all startups to join and benefit from the workshops to further upskill yourself. Get yourself ready and shine throughout the pitching sessions up to demo day.

All fees paid to the organizer are non-refundable in the event the participant fails to attend two(2) sessions of the prescribed classes/workshop (whether consecutively or on separate occasions) unless the participant obtains written permission from the organizer to be absent.

For Enquiry

Please contact Ms Samantha Tang:

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