Penang Youth Resilience Superstars – Cohort 2

Penang Youth Resilience Superstars develops resilient youth who are capable, confident and competent, creating a talent pool of adept youth in Penang. The brainchild of Pertubuhan Wanita Mutiara Pulau Pinang, PYRS is organized in collaboration with Penang Youth Development Corporation.

This programme is a resilience building programme that develops self-esteem and self-awareness, pro-social behavior and skill sets. The modules are based on the principles of cognitive-behaviour therapy (CBT), behavioural activation and social skills training.

• Enhance self-confidence, build emotional resilience, improve social skills and competence among the youth.
• Assist the youth to cope with stressful situations, including life changes.
• To improve overall health through healthy eating, physical exercise, sleep hygiene and mental wellness among the youth.