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  • Position Title : Executive Director, Business Development and Partnerships
  • Job Skills : none
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  • Position Level : Non Executive

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WorldFish is an international, not-for-profit research organization that works to reduce hunger, malnutrition and poverty by improving fisheries and aquaculture. With a 45-year track record of cutting-edge science, we generate research evidence and innovations to guide sustainable practices, investment decisions and inclusive policies that enable better livelihoods and healthier diets for millions of people, who depend on fish for food, nutrition and income in the developing world. We do this by partnering with an extensive global network of national research institutions, universities, NGOs, development agencies, the private sector actors to develop and test practical, innovative solutions related to aquatic food systems.

Our new Strategy 2021–2030: Food Below Water for Healthy People and Planet marks a truly auspicious time for WorldFish as a science thought-leader uniquely positioned to respond to the global call to action for a sustainable transformation of global foods systems. The new strategy represents our renewed commitment to generate the much needed scientific evidence, technologies and innovations required for the successful implementation of the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda in all its three dimensions—economic, social and environmental, particularly in the post COVID-19 world. It represents also an exciting opportunity for shaping and leading organizational change and transformation towards learning, innovation, organizational growth, and greater engagement with the private sector.

Therefore, we are seeking an Executive Director of Business Development and Partnerships with vision, entrepreneurial abilities and an international perspective to shape and lead this critical area of our strategy. If you are an intellectually-curious social innovator and entrepreneur in search of an unparalleled international opportunity to make a difference in the world, we offer the kind of career opportunity that challenges your deepest source of intellect, ability and resilience. Candidates are expected to have a strong knowledge of development finance, the impact investment context and markets, the grant-making sectors, the concept of social enterprise and shared value, and a solid network of global influencers, private sector funders and other donors. You should be able to demonstrate a solid track record of raising significant funds through successful business development and partnerships that support the long-term financial sustainability of the organization.

You will work closely with the Director General, the members of the Executive Team and our network of Senior Research Leaders and Country Directors to create and operationalize a concrete plan of action that delivers a healthy foundation for significant and diverse multi-year investments in our research work, while shaping WorldFish’s organizational culture of high-performance, excellence, learning and collaboration and supporting our strong positioning regionally and globally, and increasing our engagement with the private sector.

As the ideal candidate, you bring extensive leadership experience in business development and innovation, and are regarded for your functional expertise in building compelling value propositions, developing partnerships and strategy, winning contracts, improving performance, managing and building cross-functional teams, and delivering strong results. You are recognized for being a trusted relationship builder, who anticipates opportunities, navigates challenges with enthusiasm, and delivers on complex, strategic endeavours.

If you think you have what it takes - and more - to excel in this role, then please check out the full details and apply by visiting quoting reference 4697.

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