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Company Overview

Teleperformance Malaysia


Experience Requirements

  • Position Title : Work From Home Interpreter (Mandarin & Cantonese To English / English to Mandarin & Cantonese)
  • Job Skills : -
  • Education Level : None
  • Position Level : Non Executive

Job Responsibilities


  • Answer calls promptly and conduct interpretation in a friendly and professional manner.
    Render correct concepts and meanings according to the conventions of established interpretation protocol avoiding omissions or additions.
    Speak clearly in both languages using proper pronunciation, enunciation and polite expressions.
    Maintain a professional demeanor throughout the call at all times.
    Remain calm during calls in the event that one of the primary speakers is incoherent or upset, especially in emergency situations.
    Maintain punctuality and availability during scheduled work hours.
    Follow client instructions, in compliance with protocol to ensure client expectations are met with the Limited English-speaking Person (LEP), avoiding interaction with the LEP without client’s permission.
    Understand protocol and terminology for various industries including, but not limited to, Medical, Insurance, Finance and Law.
    Demonstrate commitment to cultural sensitivity and working in a diverse environment.