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Incorporated in 2001 from a small one-lot retail outlet to where we are now, a system integrator with 6 branches across Penang to Petaling Jaya.

In the past 21 years, we have strived to be at the forefront of the ever-changing IT evolution, riding the waves and catching the cloud to stay in the race in providing solutions to our customers’ needs for business transformation and system integration.

Back in 2018, we see the need for STEM Education to be provided to Malaysia’s education system to equip our students to increase their awareness and be prepared to face the Industrial Revolution 4.0 that’s happening globally today.

Therefore, we brought in BBC micro:bit & “A Powerful STEM Kit for Kids - DFRobot BOSON”, at the same time we are the official distributor of the Northern Region of Malaysia.

We are so passionate to foster and inspire our students’ mindset to become more creative, innovative and independent thinking so that they could become someone who could contribute their ideas to the fast-changing world.

Experience Requirements

  • Job Skills :

    - Passionate in education

    - Creative & innovative

    - Team player

    - Humble & Teachable

    - Kids-Lover!

    - With or without any coding/programming background

  • Education Level : Diploma/Advanced/Higher/Graduate Diploma
  • Position Level : Junior Executive

Job Responsibilities

- Conduct coding lessons for Primary & Secondary school students

- Deliver project-based-training syllabus to learners

- Develop new content in the existing syllabus with updated information

- Attend in-house training to upgrade personal skills related to job given