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Sfaera Dunia Sdn Bhd

About Us Events Company based in Penang. We know the island at the back of our hand – and then some. We like a good ol’nasi lemak in the morning and at least two cups of teh ping (or milo) a day to fuel our dreams. Also, we are committed to traveling the world when our hands are not tied – knowledge and experience are a continual acquisition. Good friends with Challenge as we tackled a nation-wide tour, customized events, intimate affairs, gala dinners, charity events and 10-minutes lunches. Tight timeline? Bring it on. Our Vision To create unforgettable experiences for our clients. To leave behind the biggest impression even at the smallest event. Everyone deserves a good time, we believe in making that happen.

Experience Requirements

  • Position Title : Hotlink Footsoldier
  • Job Skills : - Lepasan graduan dan non-executive digalakkan untuk memohan - Mempunyai pangangkutan sendiri secara wajib (Motosikal/ Kereta) - Mempunyai telefon pintar Android - Boleh bekerja dalam kumpulan - Sanggup bekerja dengan target yang tertentu
  • Education Level : Primary/Secondary School/SPM/"O" Level
  • Position Level : Non Executive

Job Responsibilities

- Mempromosikan dan menjualkan Maxis/ Hotlink produk kepada pelanggan - Melayan pertanyaan pelanggan dengan baik sekali - Memastikan kepuasan pelanggan yang tinggi dan hubungan baik dengan pelanggan - Memperkenalkan produk yang sesuai untuk pelanggan mengikuti keperluan