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Risen Solar Technology Sdn Bhd

Risen Energy Co., Ltd. was founded in 1986 and listed as a Chinese public company (Stock Code: 300118) in 2010. Risen Energy is one of the pioneers in the solar industry and has committed to this industry as an R&D expert, an integrated manufacturer from

Experience Requirements

  • Position Title : IT Engineer (Based in Kulim High Tech Park)
  • Job Skills :

    1?Bachelor degree or above in computer science or related field;

    2?Major in computer, software engineering, etc;

    3?At least 2 years MES implementation experience or related information working experience / At least 2 years working experience in AGV R&D position / More than 2 years of manufacturing network planning and construction experience;

    4?Familiar with MES principle and operation configuration, familiar with supply chain or finance related process;

    5. Proficient in Java language, good at the application ability of various open source technologies, proficient in the development technologies and principles of Spring, SpringBoot, MyBatis, etc;

    6. Proficient in JVM, Java class libraries such as multi-threading, concurrent processing, and HTTP Socket communication protocols;

    7. Familiar with common commands of Linux operating system, complete deployment, operation and development work under the environment;

    8. Familiar with MySQL database, database design and optimization, SQL tuning experience is preferred;

    9. Familiar with the architecture and construction of enterprises and data centers, proficient in the security management and maintenance of enterprise network terminals, maintenance and fault handling of various information security systems;

    10. Familiar with TCP/IP protocol, switching, routing, network security and VPN technology, and new network technologies such as NFV and SDN;

    11. Familiar with IP networking and network security solutions, capable of planning and designing network architecture, able to independently design a network architecture and design scheme according to requirements;

    12. Familiar with the configuration of one or more network equipment such as HUAWEI and H3C, strong practical ability;

    13. Have experience in large-scale network architecture planning, and have H3CNE, H3CSE, H3CTE, H3CIE, HCNA, HCNP, HCIE and other certificates;

    14. Good communication and expression skills, organization and coordination skills;

    15. Good learning ability, understanding ability, analysis and summary ability;

    16. Rigorous and honest working attitude, high sense of responsibility; Have strong learning ability, dare to meet changes and challenges;

    17. Good team work spirit;

    18. Able to speak and write in English, Mandarin and Bahasa Malaysia

    19. Willing to work at Kulim High Tech Park;

    20. Few positions available.

  • Education Level : Bachelor's Degree/Post Graduate Diploma/Professional Degree
  • Position Level : Senior Executive

Job Responsibilities


Responsible for the implementation, operation and maintenance of MES project, organize and coordinate the communication between production department and relevant departments, participate in MES project demand survey, demand analysis, process sorting, final implementation, user training, and operation and optimization work after launch.

1?Project implementation: Participated in the implementation and promotion of MES projects of the company and subsidiary companies; Documentation and reporting of the project process;

2?System operation and maintenance: Dealing with users' problems in their daily MES use; Recorded and sorted out medium-high frequency and difficult problems in daily treatment and their treatment methods;

3?Continuous optimization: MES system operation and business process improvement; Put forward reasonable suggestions for improvement work, and carry out optimization and improvement individually or as a team;


Complete the system software program design, research new technology and new products, promote the application of new technology.

1?Backend design and development of robot scheduling service;

2?Task management system interface development;

3?Lightweight cloud service development;

4?Provide technical guidance during electrical installation;

5?Software programming and program debugging based on structural engineer and electrical principle design;

6. Responsible for sorting, collecting, uploading and updating electrical design and programming documents.


Responsible for the overall network architecture planning, construction, operation and maintenance of the group.

1?Group network and security equipment management: Responsible for internal network and security equipment management, such as switches, AC&AP, behavior management, routers, firewalls, WLAN, etc.

2?Group network monitoring and fault tracing: Implement network traffic monitoring and control, eliminate common network faults through traceability system, and ensure network service provision.

3?Network architecture planning of the Group and each subsidiary company: Plan the network structure of each subsidiary company according to the group standard, and guide the network construction of each subsidiary company.