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Optima Tricon Sdn Bhd

We are a designer, fabricator and assembler of high precision and performance components for use and duty in automation, robotics and handling systems.Our products are found in diverse places like the disk media industry, magnetic technologies, semi-conductor test houses, equipment makers, oil & gas and alternative fuel industries. Investing in the latest and state of art equipments, we are also committed to a dynamic research and development policy in our quest of achieving a world class facility.With clients and collaborations working with us from both sides of the globe today, it bears testimony to our single minded and uncompromising focus on quality and excellence at competitive price.You are invited and most welcome to join us in this journey!

Experience Requirements

  • Position Title : Mechanical Engineer
  • Job Skills :

    - Experienced in Mechanical Designing and 3D Knowledge is an advantage. 

    - Knowledge in Solidworks software 

  • Education Level : Bachelor's Degree/Post Graduate Diploma/Professional Degree
  • Position Level : Junior Executive

Job Responsibilities

- Perform Mechanical Design 

- Provide technical advise and support to new and existing customers. 

- Develop and maintain close productive relationship with key accounts to ensure continuing sales support services are provided. 

- Perform assembly process and the required verifications and/or validations such as inspections and testing during incoming, in-process as well as outgoing gates.