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Maica provides manufacturing support for high pressure decorative laminates and compact laminates. We are highly supportive of our customer. We select the finest raw materials, coupling them with our R&D technology and manufacture our laminates according to EN438. Our customers can be sure of Maica’s 1 Brand 1 Quality products worldwide.

Experience Requirements

  • Position Title : Planning Executive
  • Job Skills :

    Academic Requirement: Bachelor degree in any discipline. Mathematic, Statistic, Manufacturing Engineering will be an added advantage.

    Skill: Computer Literature, Good Language Command in English, Mandarin and Bahasa Malaysia, Good Analytical, Formal ERP and MRP knowledge will be an added advantage.


    Ø Strong leadership, interpersonal and communication skills.

    Ø Have the ability to communicate effectively with relevant departments verbally and in written communications.

    Ø Possess strong analytical and problem solving skills, result oriented and ability to work under pressure to meet tight deadlines.

    Ø Possess the ability to work independently as well as in a team.

    Ø Organized and have the ability to respond quickly to changes in the production schedule.

    Ø Confidence personality, good working attitude, able to work with all departments in order to be effective, high motivation level, good communication skill, team player, multi-tasking, and able to work under pressure.

  • Education Level : Bachelor's Degree/Post Graduate Diploma/Professional Degree
  • Position Level : Junior Executive

Job Responsibilities


Liaising with other areas of a company's supply chain network, including procurement and sales, a production planning executive develops the master schedule of the production of goods, including total number of customer orders and distribution deadlines. This schedule is created after an in-depth audit of productions specification, manufacturing capacity and workforce size. Once production has begun, the planner monitors its pace to ensure time lines are followed. Additionally, the planning executive prepares and maintains detailed reports throughout the production cycle.


1.    Production-planning supervision, scheduling for production, preparing production schedules for manufacturing of industrial. Ensure the smooth flow of manufacturing planning & load execution and till the final shipment to end customers.

2.    Maintain master production schedule and ensure the efficient loading of manufacturing facilities.

3.    Ensures performance to the master production schedule to achieve company objectives for customer service, inventory levels and configuration management.

4.    Adhere to the required delivery dates. Meeting volume and line item.

5.    Plans and establishes production schedule and follow up performance against estimates.

6.    Identify and report the causes of delays and determine appropriate corrective actions.

7.    Monitor production schedules to make sure that production run  efficiently and on schedule.

8.    Work out the machine capacity promptly and plan for machine schedule accordingly.

9.    Changing the production schedule to accommodate last-minute customer requests and to adjust for late arrival of materials, machinery breakdowns, and other problems.

10. Data analysis on the performance and improvement works. Resolves  problems utilizing acquired knowledge & analytical abilities.

11. Review daily production report and inventory report to ensure sufficient goods to meet customer requirement.

12. Distribution processes to ensure timely delivery according to customer needs.

13. Responsible in guiding and leading the assistants if there is.

14. To follow up work closely with Production & relevant departments to ensure the sufficient goods to meet customer requirement.

15. Draws up master schedule weekly to establish sequence and lead time of each operation to meet shipping dates according to sales forecasts or customer orders.

16. To update the status of production orders. Monitoring the progress of production activities.

17. Update CS team if there is any schedule related problem (example delay in shipment) and work with them for schedule re-commit.

18. Work closely with Technology team on technical release of new product or spec change.

19. Follow-up and work very closely with Process Engineering & Production team on product on-hold matter. Getting commitment from them either to release or re-plan.