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Company Overview

Ivy Technology Global Services Malaysia Sdn Bhd.

Ivy has 14 facilities in 10 countries and supports every region of the world through our global network of repair and service operations.

Experience Requirements

  • Position Title : Operator
  • Job Skills :

    Minimum Form 5.

    Soldering skill preferred.

  • Education Level : Primary/Secondary School/SPM/"O" Level
  • Position Level : Non Executive

Job Responsibilities

Carry out any job function as instructed by Supervisor or designate.

Perform the given task within the frame work of quality policy and objective of the management.

Record daily output and any other data as require by the Supervisor or designate.

Operator at different stations must observe the instruction as stated in the manufacturing instruction or visual aids.

Strive to produce good quality product within a given standard time.

At all time, they must observe good housekeeping or 5's.

Work with fellow operators either from earlier or later station, to achieve a smooth production runs through PUSH-PULL system.

Feedback to supervisor or subordinate on defects found on the line.