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As a global electronic and electrical components distributor for the past ten years with offices in Malaysia and Thailand, ImaxTech Electronics Sdn Bhd has firmly established itself as the solution provider to your electronic/electrical components needs. Supplying selected franchised products to the many major industries, including the consumer electronic products, pc peripherals, automation, machinery, telecom, medical and power generation sectors, our company is committed to further excel in our delivery of products and services to our customers.As part of our regional and global commitment, we have adopted the slogan

Experience Requirements

  • Job Skills :

    * Candidates must possess at least a bachelor’s degree, post-graduate, diploma or professional degree in electronics/electrical or equivalent.

    * At least 3-5 years of related working experience.

    * Ability to multi-task simultaneous projects

    * An understanding of the component pricing and cost in the industry is essential.

    * Excellent organisation and communication skills.

    * Energetic, persistence, team-oriented, flexible and able to work under pressure.

  • Education Level : Diploma/Advanced/Higher/Graduate Diploma
  • Position Level : Senior Executive

Job Responsibilities

* Responsible for management of customer information, sales orders administration and client relations.

* Establish a strong client relationship and perception.

* Coordinate and manage all activities with purchasing, master scheduler, production planning, production management, materials, engineering, quality, accounting and all levels of management to meet the customer’s requirement.

* Expectations include better business performance and improve customer satisfaction.

* Initiate new projects and manage projects from the development/ initialization stage until the final production stage.

* Monitoring inventory levels to minimise supply chain disruptions.

* Maintaining a database to ensure efficient use of materials and reduction of costs.