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Icon Tran Sdn Bhd

Icon Tran Sdn Bhd is a subsidiary of Icon Group of company who provide services such as manage and innovate workforce (local and foreign) solution, transportation to worksite, employees accommodation and payroll management. With over 27 years, we understa

Experience Requirements

  • Position Title : Operation cum Transportation Supervisors
  • Job Skills :


    ·        At least SPM/Certificate/Diploma in any discipline

    ·        Preferably at least 1 year working experience

    ·        Able to start work immediately is an added advantage

  • Education Level : Diploma/Advanced/Higher/Graduate Diploma
  • Position Level : Non Executive

Job Responsibilities


·        To perform self-audits on hostels on a regular basis.

·        To provide immediate response during emergency issues (i.e. fighting/death/accident etc)

·        Attend to window times at factory and hostels for workers concerns and grievances.

·        To support workers whenever they need arrangement for sickness treatment, bank related matter, holiday, renewal passport or permits.

·        To support local recruitment and foreign worker recruitment on the interview and hiring process.


·        To conduct daily monitoring of arrival and departure time of transport.

·        To monitor drivers track record through GPS (if available) on speed limit and other violations.

·        To ensure all drivers possess driving license & PSV valid at all time during their service.

·        All running buses and vans must be in good running condition at all time.

·        To ensure all transport are equipped with safety equipment such as cone, triangular signage, first aid kit and fire extinguisher.

·        To monitor the capacity of transport to optimize seating capacity.

·        To conduct safety audit on vehicles and drivers at specific intervals.