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Icon Tran Sdn Bhd

Icon Tran Sdn Bhd is a subsidiary of Icon Group of company who provide services such as manage and innovate workforce (local and foreign) solution, transportation to worksite, employees accommodation and payroll management. With over 27 years, we understa

Experience Requirements

  • Position Title : Data Analyst
  • Job Skills :

    ·         Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor's Degree, Post Graduate Diploma, Professional Degree, in Mathematics/Statistics/Actuarial/Computer Science or equivalent.

    ·         Experience in business intelligence, analyzing data trends and recommend solutions is preferred.

    ·         Able to collaborate with other teams to drive positive outcomes.

    ·         Ability to manage multiple priorities and manage senior stakeholders.

  • Education Level : Bachelor's Degree/Post Graduate Diploma/Professional Degree
  • Position Level : Junior Executive

Job Responsibilities

- Advocate and build data fueled products e.g. artificial intelligence, big data

- Work with management team to establish what key data/information/performance indicators are needed to drive planning, day to day management and improvement of overall organization performance.

- Establish how key data and information are linked to biz objectives and goals.

- Using statistical tools to interpret data sets, paying particular attention to trends and patterns could be valuable for diagnostic and predictive analytics efforts.

- Preparing reports for executive leadership that effectively communicate trends, patterns, and predictions using relevant data.