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Corner Club


Experience Requirements

  • Position Title : Club Executive - Marcoms
  • Job Skills : none
  • Education Level : Diploma/Advanced/Higher/Graduate Diploma
  • Position Level : Entry Level

Job Responsibilities


  • Documentation and bookkeeping of all available documents under the Club to ensure all information is recorded and filed.
  • Planning and Scheduling of board meetings, appointments through email or phone calls and preparing any materials needed for the management.
  • Promote and manage public view of the club house services; create media or consumer awareness; write press releases, speeches, etc.
  • Selecting the most effective mode or modes of communication to meet publicity goals.


1. Customer Relations

  • To provide assistance to club members and customers queries and be approachable and friendly when greeting potential members.
  • Ensure excellent customer service by building close relationship with customers to prevent dissatisfaction from customers.

2. Administration

  • Manage and distribute information within office and receive phones calls from customers, taking memos, recording and storing all files in a safe place.
  • Take charge of sending and receiving correspondence and ensuring the issue will be handled by respective department.
  • Monitor and record all expenditures usage in the club house and report to office manager on a timely basis.
  • Input data and update documents to ensure all reports are up to date and displayed clearly.
  • Note down meeting minutes after scheduling and making appointments for any meetings needed or available.
  • Handle all internal/external communication to ensure no miscommunication happens and making sure all department are notified of any changes/updates that were made.

3. Media Control


  • Provide media coverage through promotional tools like press releases, press conferences, media alerts and press kits for a higher coverage on Corner Club Penang.
  • Liaise with Media companies to ensure all information that’s been given is the latest update and the publicity goals can be achieved.
  • Provide relevant information to the media to ensure they capture the whole theme of the issue.
  • Maintain and uphold good relationship with media companies to be able to for future projects.
  • Achieve a right impression through carefully crafted written, verbal or visual communication designed in some way for public consumption.

4. Promoting/Advertising

  • Reach out to the public directly through marketing campaigns, public information sessions and other special events to promote to potential guests.
  • Responsible for promoting, managing and maintaining the public view of the club house you represent.
  • Work out with individual clients, management or both to determine the exact publicity-related goals there is to achieve and also selecting the most effective mode to meet publicity goals.
  • Provide public information, create media or consumer awareness, diminish negative publicity or create positive publicity to improve its image.


    • Skilled in project management
  • Entry Level in Administration Skills.
  • Computer savvy; proficient in MS Office
  • Outstanding communication and negotiation ability
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • A knack for problem-solving.
  • Preferably female with Customer-service orientation.
  • A team player with leadership skills.
  • Minimum Bachelor of Science(BSc)/Bachelor of Art(BA)/Diploma in PR, marketing, hospitality management, tourism, F&B or related field is preferred.

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