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Company Overview

Bruker Corporation


Experience Requirements

  • Position Title : BPEN_AELB Compliance Officer
  • Job Skills : none
  • Education Level : Diploma/Advanced/Higher/Graduate Diploma
  • Position Level : Entry Level

Job Responsibilities


  • Role of AELB Compliance Officer
      • Ensure full AELB compliance of factory and warehouse operation (BPEN 1, 2 & 3)
      • Liaise with production and apply penyata pemilikan for each of the radiation equipment manufactured in BPEN.
      • Apply AELB Export or Import Permit, when systems are ready to be shipped to or from BPEN.
      • Update export and sales details of the radiation equipment into AELB e-lesen system.
      • Co-ordinate and maintain radiation workers medical examinations and training.
      • Co-ordinate and maintain calibrations of radiation monitoring equipment in-use at BPEN sites.
      • Co-ordinate and maintain monthly radiation OSL badges submission and personal dosage report compilation (orange book) and communication.
      • Compile and maintain AELB related documentation and records – Radiation Protection Program (RPP), radiation workers details, monitoring equipment details / calibrations, radiation equipment details, export and import permit and details of sales and purchase in compliance to AELB.
      • Communicate with AELB officers (HQ as well as Penang AELB office) on matters related to site compliance to AELB requirements.
  • Requisite
      • Competent Radiation Protection Officer / Supervisor (RPO/RPS).
      • Minimum diploma / degree with working experience in managing radiation safety (AELB matters) for at least 5 years.
      • Able to work independently and perform the above listed activities and on-site monitoring and surveillance for AELB compliance with minimum supervision from RPO.

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