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Big Academy Sdn Bhd

Big Academy Sdn Bhd is an expert in Strategic Digital Marketing, covering all forms of digital media from a niche market to global online advertising campaigns. His team of 10 employees has grown from strength to strength over 11 years of proven track record and is now serving Startups, SMEs, Government, Listed Companies & Corporate clients from United States, Singapore, Philippines Yangon, and even Guangzhou since 2009.

Experience Requirements

  • Position Title : Digital Marketer
  • Job Skills :
    • -Problem-solving
    • -Time management
  • Education Level : Primary/Secondary School/SPM/"O" Level
  • Position Level : Junior Executive

Job Responsibilities

-Support in the development of artwork for various marketing materials such as Facebook poster ads, Google ads, Facebook video ads, GIF, etc.
-Know well the function of social media
-SEO in search engine
-Brainstorm, creating and transforming ideas into words for advertisements (Facebook & Google ads), articles, and videos
-To contribute to branding identity development, graphic & advertising design as well as refining the creative concepts for the company’s marketing strategies and initiatives.
-Liase with 3rd party outsource vendor & customers to expedite work delivery time.