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Asia Dapurku Sdn Bhd

Asia Dapurku Sdn Bhd Our channel: Happy Dapur Happy Dapur is an ASIA Food Recipe Portal. With our company tagline: Good food begins with a HAPPY Kitchen Need more explanation on our channel connection to the publi

Experience Requirements

  • Position Title : Multimedia Graphic Designer
  • Job Skills :

    - Bachelor's degree in graphic design, digital design, film, or a related field

    - Fresh graduate or one year experience in a similar role

    - Knowledge and skills in graphic and multimedia design and layout

    - Ability to present ideas and solutions through effective communication

    - Excellent in working with teams and independently

    - A strong visual and creative sense

    - Capacity to handle more than one project simultaneously

    - Excellent knowledge of computer and various software tools

    - Confident and smart to deal with the clients

    - Strong technical aptitude to learn new software and hardware

    - Ability to pay attention to details and be well organized

    - Knowledge of the industry and new technologies

  • Education Level : Diploma/Advanced/Higher/Graduate Diploma
  • Position Level : Junior Executive

Job Responsibilities

- Create an exciting, engaging, and interactive online experience

- Take brief from clients to prepare the design

- Create visual solutions through the use of specialized and latest technologies

- Present the framework design/s to the client with description of the idea meant to be communicated

- Make necessary changes in line with the client's demand and the project objectives

- Be flexible to make changes as required by the client or individual project objectives

- Proofread and check the quality of the graphic work before they go for final printing

- Complete the project successfully through independent as well as team effort

- Estimate the project budget and timeline

- Complete project keeping the deadline and budget in mind