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Arus Academy

Arus Academy is an education social enterprise specializing in creating high-quality education solutions for students and teachers in Malaysia. Arus is constantly searching for ways to make education more accessible and impactful through systemic and ground-up approaches. We advocate for five main literacy areas: STEAM education, financial literacy, media, and information literacy, social and emotional learning, and global citizenship education. In our mission to empower today’s problem solvers, we have student and teacher programmes nationwide and throughout the year. Our headquarter is in Alma, Bukit Mertajam where we conduct regular classes for the local community in Penang.  More about Arus Academy:

Experience Requirements

  • Position Title : STEAM Teacher
  • Job Skills :
    • Teach and motivate

    Able to make meaningful connections with students and empower them to excel.

    • Organisational skills and attention to detail

    Able to coordinate human and in-kind resources to optimise operational efficiency.

    • Strong communication skills, both written and oral

    Able to write letters and emails, follow up and follow through stakeholders through messages and phone calls.

    • Cultural competency and sensitivity

    Able to understand, make and execute inclusive plans for cultural diversity.

    • Ability to build and maintain relationships

    Able to provide prompt responses and communicate compassionately and clearly.

    • Excellent interpersonal skills

    Able to connect to and model Arus’ REACH values (Respect, Efficient, Adventurous, Collaborative, Honesty).

    • Resource & financial management

    Able to optimise programme delivery under budget.

    • Proficiency with computer programs and technologies

    Able to solve or seek technological solutions based on needs.

    • Ability to work independently and as part of a team

    Able to manage own time, manage expectations and deliver based on deadlines.

  • Education Level : Bachelor's Degree/Post Graduate Diploma/Professional Degree
  • Position Level : Executive

Job Responsibilities

  • Responsibilities based on Objectives:

Nurture innovative and creative thinking skills among students:

- Build relationships, teach, motivate and inspire students to think critically so that they are able to build technological solutions to solve real word problems.

- Develop, revise and update lesson plans and lesson materials to make sure content is up to date and relevant.

- Model growth mindsets and instil 21st century skills in students.

- Teach STEAM lessons and track student progress.

- Feedback and improve teaching strategies on a monthly basis.

Nurture a hub within the local community:

- Engage local stakeholders and organise events or initiatives that enhance overall learning experiences and make Arus@Penang the innovation hub in Alma.

- Curate and create opportunities that connect local innovation field stakeholders.

- Plan and coordinate logistics for programme events or initiatives, including managing budgets and expenses.

- Collaborate with other teams and departments to ensure necessary resources are in place.

- Conduct briefing for students to prepare students for events.

- Engage local communities which include but not limited to parents, teachers, school leaders, neighbouring shop owners and customers and industry players.

- Handle programme post event logistics and stakeholder engagement to ensure satisfactory experience from pre, post and during the event.

  • Key Measures of Success:

- Continuous pedagogy improvement.

- Satisfaction level from multiple stakeholder engagements.

- Satisfaction level of beneficiaries through Net Promoter Score.

- Utilisation of event space.

- Timeliness of inventory record.

- Documentary of stakeholder management.

- Innovation in project approaches.

  • Key Results:

- Student outcomes achieved a satisfactory level.

- Number of students recruited and retained in Arus Tech programmes met the recruitment target.

- Net Promoter Score of Arus Tech programmes achieved 30% and above.

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