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Company Overview

AR Actions Technology Company Limited

AR Actions has established the ARA ACADEMY education brand and ARA LEAGUE event brand to implement the electronic sports community “Education” and “Competition” project system. ARA continue to contribute to the new electronic sports community and continuous development.

We are not only importing HADO to the society, but also creating our own local VR sports in Hong Kong. The intended name of our product is called “AR-Ring” and we will authorize it to VR community and VR educational institution.

Experience Requirements

  • Position Title : 3D Modelling & Animation Designer
  • Job Skills :

    1. Create high-end 3D hard surface and modeling based on IP concept design as required by superior within timely manner.

    2. Apply material and texture on geometry based on the design.

    3. Create shaders as required by the design.

    4. Collaborate with the modeling team to create a model that meets technical needs.

    5. Work with management to prioritize tasks and meet deadlines set by the production team.

  • Education Level : Bachelor's Degree/Post Graduate Diploma/Professional Degree
  • Position Level : Entry Level

Job Responsibilities

1. Bachelor in Design or any related field is preferred, fresh graduate are WELCOME

2. High level of initiative, flexibility and confidence;

3. Ability to prioritize and work on multiple tasks at a time while remaining efficient and mindful of strict deadlines in a high pressure environment;

4. Self-motivated, great team-player, and able to effectively collaborate with programmers and the production team

5. Strong understanding with 3Ds Max, Maya, and Unity3d.

6. Experience in various projects in VR, AR would be an advantage.

7. Proficiency in spoken and written English and Chinese essential.